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The Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Hall of Fame I The New School

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11:14 Musida:
It begins with listening to the conversations in the early environment.

17:10 Motilar:
Examples of Tier 1 words are book, girl, sad, clock, baby, dog, and orange. As a result, Tier 2 words may have a large impact in the everyday functioning of language. The study found that the average child spoke his or her first words by 13 months and by 18 months had a vocabulary of about 50 words.

16:21 Arashimuro:
It begins with listening to the conversations in the early acquisition. Not only does background knowledge grow in the brains of our students through their experiences, but the vocabulary words that are stored as a result paper such experiences provide avenues to comprehend the research from the text, as vocabulary as lecture and discussion.

19:57 Jutaur:
In addition to counting the number of words that were spoken to the children, Hart and Risley also examined the types of reinforcement the children received.